Pics: Antonio Gates Marries Hip Hop Video Vixen Model Sasha Dindayal


Sasha is a “Deactivated Model” as my friend Mandii B at likes to say.

If you want to know where you recognize Sasha from it is probably this video from David Banner.

She is the boxing girl in the video.

Beyond that I hope that Sasha and Antonio live happily ever after, even though the chances of that are low.  Smart move on her part because once you get the ring if the divorce ever does take place the checks will keep coming and isn’t that the dream of some video vixens?


It appears Miss Dindayal has an interesting background.

She was married to a gentlemen named Joe who is the ex boyfriend of Kita, Terrell Owens publicist. 

She was engaged to former NFL player Marcellus Wiley.

It is rumored that her sister has Jay Z’s love child.

Good luck Antonio.


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