Police Hassle Deion Sanders Jr. at Chick-Fil-A For Being Deion Sanders Jr.


I can see how this can happen.

Young black kid in a uppity mall with a credit card saying “Deion Sanders” arises suspicion of police who don’t like young black kids hanging around their mall.

Deadspin has the details.

On Wednesday night, his Twitter account described an incident that happened at the trendy North Dallas shopping center: ” Police at North Park mall tried 2 get me becuz I tried 2 buy chickfila with my card but didnt have my ID. They Said It was card theft or sum.”

The next tweet detailed why the police were questioning his identity: “They thought I stole the card or somethin cuz it said Deion Sanders. I’m like sir I’m not tryna be cocky but you can google me and see…”

This is the same mall Dez Bryant had some issues in, so it is obvious they are trying to keep the “hood” or who they perceived as “hood” individuals out of the mall.

Racial stereotypes at the Mall have been in effect since Malls were built. I still get followed around, just something you have to deal with and in this case tweet about it so we can embarrass the mall to the point they clean up their act.


  1. It’s a very high end mall. It’s very close to SMU. SMU is located right in a very rich area of Dallas..

  2. There’s NO SUCH THING as a high-end Mall… That’s just Racist YT Rhetoric to make themselves SEEM Important (AND THEY’RE NOT !!!)

    A MALL is a PUBLIC Shopping Area for individuals who want to SPEND THEIR MONEY… DUH !!!

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