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72 Custom Madden 2012 Covers, For Every NFL Team

by Robert Littal | Posted on Monday, August 29th, 2011
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There was a time when I was possibly the greatest Madden player of all time.

I tell this story every year, but it bears repeating.  When I was at The Ohio State University, my dad wanted me to learn the value of the mighty dollar, bought me a beat up a car and told me to get a part time job if I wanted to make it rain.

I worked at Foot Locker for one day and decided Young Rob wasn’t about that mall working life.  But I had a very pretty girlfriend and a couple of side chicks, so I needed cash.

There were three things I was good at back then.  Rapping, writing and Madden.

In the dorm I stayed in we had a bunch of East Coast rich kids, to this day I believe they were mob kids, but I digress.

We would all go in the student lounge of the dorm where they had the big screen.  It was $20 buy in and if you won, you played next game and if you lost you went to the back of the pack.

The rich East Coast kids were heavily gamblers, but awful Madden players.  I would come down on a Wednesdays with $20 at 8pm and leave with $300 by 2am, then take my girlfriend to Max & Erma.

As the years have went on my interest in the game has waned especially when they improvements they always promise never deliver.   I will still get my copy, but I won’t be running to the game store like I did years ago when I would be scouting out playbooks weeks before the release and trying to find what Madden Tournament I could enter.

But it is still a holiday and that is why for those who aren’t impressed with Peyton Hillis on the cover, BSO is giving you 72 custom covers just print it out and put it in your copy.

Yes Deion is going into mine.

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