Nuggets Wilson Chandler Tweets He is Gay, Minutes Later Claims Phone Was Stolen


Lets put the whole gay thing on the back burner for a minute.

We are going to play a game of common sense.  If someone stole my phone, how is it possible that I am able to retrieve within 9o seconds to tell you that someone stole it?

Even going further lets say a friend of mine steals the phone, the most creative thing they could come up with is this?  What type of friends do Chandler have?  Also men stealing men phones to tweet?  Where do they do that at?

@wilsonchandler I’m coming out today hello world
@wilsonchandler #teamgaypower
@wilsonchandler lol that’s what we on 2night stealin phone lmao good one tho
@wilsonchandler lmao oomf eating coco puffs

I don’t care if Wilson Chandler is gay, straight, Avatar, likes Coco Puffs or Fruity Pebbles, but if you want to pretend you are gay in the middle of the night who cares just don’t use the “phone stealing” excuse.

Be a man, even it is a gay man and just say you were playing around or you like Doogie Howser.  You are just digging a deeper hole with your lies.

Chandler deleted the gay tweets from the mystery thief and went about his day.

Twitter and Athletes sometimes don’t mix, like Shawne Merriman being off steroids.



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