Brett Favre Wants To Know Why it Took Aaron Rodgers So Long to Win Super Bowl

No one was ever critical of Brett Favre dismissing and not doing anything to help Aaron Rodgers in his evolution as a NFL quarterback.  Personally I didn’t have a problem with it.  There is no rule that says you have to help the person who will eventually take your job.  My problem was with the media who had jumped on other players for not helping young players, but as usual gave Favre a pass.

Favre who has been relatively quiet, had this nugget about Aaron Rodgers.

“I don’t think there’s any pressure on him now, the talent around him is even better than when I was there. So I’m really kind of surprised it took him so long. In the early part of last year season, it hadn’t quite clicked yet and I didn’t know it would. I just kind of figured when they hit their stride, they’re going to be hard to beat. And that’s what happened.”

That is either a backhanded compliment or professional ether, either way it is failure.  Favre comes across as a bitter old man…wait….Favre is a bitter old man.

I honestly believe that Favre thought the Packers would go in the tank without him, but the reality is Rodgers has an opportunity to run off a multiple Championships.

If the day comes that Rodgers wins a 2nd Super Bowl, you have to wonder if that puts a dent in the legacy of Favre and I think that is what he is afraid of.

One thought on “Brett Favre Wants To Know Why it Took Aaron Rodgers So Long to Win Super Bowl

  • Bret Favre does not like Aaron Rodgers and apparently doesn’t have a problem admitting as much.

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