Dirk Nowitzki Has Some Advice For Tony Romo

I applaud Dirk for not using the term “haters’, but saying “critics”.

I don’t think anyone has a personal vendetta against Romo as he appears to be a very nice guy.  Simply put his play on the field leads to criticism and rightfully so.

The problem is that people can’t come to terms with what he really is.  When he is good, the praise is so over the top you would think he is Aaron Rodgers, when he is bad the criticism is so harsh you would think he is JaMarcus Russell.

The truth is somewhere in the middle and Dirk gives him some sound advice.

Best way to silence a critic is on the field. With Romo similar to Dirk the only way he can do that is with a Championship.

The Cowboys have talent and there is no dominant team in the NFL, so he has time to turn it around. He has all the power to prove his critics wrong.