Pics: Andrei Kirilenko Signs With CSKA Moscow Brings AK-47 Riffle to Press Conference



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You know Gilbert Arenas is itching to sign with CSKA Moscow now.  I wouldn’t be surprised when he takes some time out from dressing like a female cop, he gets his agent on the line to see if they can bring him in.

As you should know if you are a NBA fan Andrei Kirilenko nickname is AK-47, but who knew his Moscow team would take it so literally by bringing an AK-47 to the press conference.

His teammates as you can see above took the time to play with the riffle which I am going to safely assume wasn’t loaded.

Gun laws in Russia are a little more relaxed, Plaxico would love it there.

I wonder if Kirilenko’s wife still lets him cheat once a year?  She is smoking hot by the way.


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