Antoine Walker Hosting “That Sh*t Cray” Party

Antoine Walker was cut from his D-League squad last week (Antoine Walker Cut by D-League Idaho Stampede), so I guess he has time to host some parties.

The real question is how much is Walker being paid to host and furthermore will the groupies come out to hang out with Antoine Walker and friends?

I sort of want to go, just to see who shows up out of morbid curiosity. Times must be tough for the Sawtooth if the best celebrity they can get is Walker, but I digress.

H/T @Jose3030

Don’t forget Walker was engaged to Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozada.  She makes more than him now and she takes nice naked pics.

3 thoughts on “Antoine Walker Hosting “That Sh*t Cray” Party

  • Wow…I see you like hating on my cuzzo…Im going to stop coming here if he is going to continue to be your punching bag….Its easy to kick ppl when they r down I guess…we get it, he is having a hard time…but lets not forget the free camps he gave the city of Chicago in which every well known high school/ 7th/8th grade hooper attendef in the city, lets not forget the camp counselors he paid for helping out with the free camp, lets not forget how he had IIT cracking for pro am n bought a lot of stars to the city to entertain us, lets not forget how his BDay parties cracked and all the stars were on the floor partying with us regular folk….but of course negative gets you more hits so you just playing the website game!

  • Can’t blame him…gotta keep the money flowin….

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