Video: Marshawn Lynch Breaks Ray Lewis’ Ankles

If the Ravens don’t end up with a home game in the playoffs they can blame losses to the Jaguars and Seahawks for that. It is interesting that the Ravens can beat the Steelers twice, but then struggle against teams they should be blowing out.

One of the main problems is they seem to forget that Ray Rice is their best offensive player and instead try to run their offense like they are the Green Bay Packers.

It is a recipe for failure and while the offense sputtered all day the all world defense couldn’t get a handle on Marshawn Lynch who went beast mode against them.

Case in point Lynch breaking Ray Lewis’ ankles.


2 thoughts on “Video: Marshawn Lynch Breaks Ray Lewis’ Ankles

  • The man made 2 guys just fall down on top of each other, and 1 of them was Ray Lewis. Plus apparently this was a 3rd and 5 deep into the game when the Seahawks were trying to run out the clock the seal the win. With the juke he got the first down, and on Marshawn’s back (7 straight touches) they did run out the clock for the win.

    I don’t know, all of the above practically makes it better than that Trent Richardson run…

  • A VERY Average Head Coach and a CRAPPY-AZZ Offensive coordinator will DO THAT (For Your Team…) Make you Extremely Inconsistent !!! The O-Coordinator is the SAME GUY that was Head Coach for the 1-15 Miami Dolphins (BAD Karma…)

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