Deion Sanders’ Daughter Deiondra Goes on Twitter Rant, Calls Pilar a Gold Digging Ho


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This is starting to get a bit messy.

Deiondra was caught up in a bit of controversy herself earlier this year when naked pics of her were “leaked” to media take out.

She doesn’t appreciate how her father is being portrayed in the media during his divorce drama with Pilar, so she went to Twitter to set the record straight while saying some pretty damaging things about her step mother.

You can read the tweets above and come to your own conclusion.

Some are calling it the greatest Twitter Rant of all time, a 32 Tweet Ether Bomb.

19 thoughts on “Deion Sanders’ Daughter Deiondra Goes on Twitter Rant, Calls Pilar a Gold Digging Ho

  • I’m glad she is going to bat for her dad. That way it can be shown that even another woman can see through Pilar’s BS.

  • Step-Mom?!?!? Damn, she looks very similar to Pilar–I thought that was HER daughter….

  • I think Brian Wilson has a saying for this…… GOT HEEEEM!!!! LOL

  • Deion is right on target, I wish him and his Daughter the BEST….
    his wife was not his best friend Deiondra is correct she may have gone about it the wrong way but she is a young adult its refreshing to watch a Daughter come too her fathers aid the soon too be ex-Ms.Sanders was nothing more than an uneducated female that hooked a very rich sports celebrity too bad she didn’t bother to get a real College education during her time as Mrs Sanders, everyone know looks fade, was she not the reason Deion left Deiondra’s mother..well karma is hell…

  • There were rumors months ago of a pending divorce, the Sanders were trying to sale their home in Collin county, and for Pilar too state she knew nothing of her Divorce is rather strange…I guess her not attending bible study proves there is a God…I personally would have gone too bible study over an opening…and I guess it pays too treat other kindly, something Pilar never learned…as the saying goes, be kind too people on the way UP..and pride proceeds a fall…Deiondra…you did the right thing…Don’t let anyone make you think you did something horrible. May God give you strength and great blessing…you have a friend in Collin County….

    • Divorce is between two people, who can change their minds at any time without discussing it with a 19 year old. Did her father or stepmother tell her when they were going to be filing papers? Was she in the lawyer’s office with them? Isn’t it possible they were only discussing divorce/separation and one didn’t know if or when the other would file? That’s why we shouldn’t take info on a marriage from people who aren’t one of the two in the marriage. Only they know the truth.

      What’s not wrong about publicizing details of your father’s marriage, that you know he doesn’t want discussed? What’s not wrong about publicly insulting the mother and grandmother of your young siblings who are already in a difficult position dealing with a divorce? They wouldn’t find out? I’m really trying to figure out what was right about any of this. Other than it entertained some people.

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