Grizzlies Tony Allen Robbed For 20k of Christmas Gifts

I am 99% sure the robbers did not not know they were robbing Tony Allen.  The same Tony Allen who is known throughout the NBA as not the guy you wan to mess with.

Same Tony Allen who took OJ Mayo’s cornbread on a team flight.

They probably know now, might want to return the gifts.

Tony Allen says that someone has stolen $20,000 worth of clothing out of a rental car that his mother was using.

His mother returned a rent-a-car to Enterprise at 7263 Winchester, and left the goods in the car. She later realized that she didn’t have the merchandise, called the rental car company and was told that nothing was found in the vehicle.

Among the items stolen were high dollar sweaters, shoes, and shirts meant for the NBA star as Christmas gifts.

Allen took to twitter saying, “I hate thieves.”

They better hope the police find them before Allen.

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