Pacers Danny Granger on Chris Paul Blocked Trade..Changing Last Name to “Stern’s B*tch”

If you wondered how NBA players are reacting to Stern’s power move I think this tweet from Danny Granger pretty much sums up the sentiment.

Anyone with half a brain knows this whole situation is foul and Stern is the reason for it.

This controversy isn’t going away any time soon and I hope Chris Paul sues the NBA for collusion because they lied about the reason the trade was denied.

Dan Gilbert’s email proves it.

3 thoughts on “Pacers Danny Granger on Chris Paul Blocked Trade..Changing Last Name to “Stern’s B*tch”

  • New Orleans residents bought 10 000 season tickets in order to support this franchise. And NBA bought the Hornets, in order to keep them in New Orleans. This is a business, and the NBA is looking after its interest. Who cares if the NBA lied. Its a cut throat business. Stern is a boss, and the NBA players are the employees. If he tells them to wear a suit, better wear a suit. Tells you ain’t going to Lakers, better renew your lease on your condo. If he tells you to jump. You ask how high. Sir!

  • Chris Paul remaining in New Orleans is not good for the Hornets or the league. Paul doesn’t want to be there any longer and has made statements which would lead people to believe that is the case. NO won’t get anything for Paul next year a la the Cleveland Cavaliers with LeBron James. The NBA owned Hornets will lose more revenue because of this entire fiasco.

    The trade between Houston, New Orleans, and LA would have benefitted NO because they would have at least a decent chance of winning without Chris Paul, considering the players they would be getting in exchange. Martin, Scola, and Odom are legit players in The League. As a matter of fact, if you are a true basketball fan, you recognize that Scola is a beast!

    This move by Stern on behalf of the owners is all about showing the players who is in power. It has nothing to do with small market vs big market teams. If NO were just giving Chris Paul away, that argument would have more validity, in my opinion. On the face of it, this was a legitimate trade. I’ll take that back, though, if any of the Houston players would be allowed out of the contract with NO or traded again before the start of the season

    It will be hard for the players involved in this trade to go back to their teams. It certainly will take a high degree of professionalism on the part of the players.

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