Jets Backup QB Greg McElroy Calls Teammates Extremely Selfish (Audio)


Normally don’t hear the 3rd string quarterback delivering the Ether, but Greg McElroy seems a bit annoyed at his Jets teammates.

One of the things about having a boisterous team is when things go downhill, you can  see who only talks tough when things are going well and who are just studio gangsters.

I think what we are seeing here is that the Jets have a lot of studio gangsters who are quick to point fingers not at themselves but each other when things blew up in their face.

The funny thing is they just went 8-8 and it wasn’t like it was a total tank job, you would think they went 1-15 or something.

Guess the Jets haven’t been the same since Tim Tebow came through and blessed the buildings.

Here is what McElroy had to say courtesy of Deadspin.