Redskins Rocky McIntosh Tried to Hide Breaking Curfew, By Putting Pillows Under his Sheets

Rocky McIntosh is a professional athlete right?

He isn’t trying to escape from Alcatraz or sneak out to a House Party with Kid n Play correct?

Someone please explain this then?

Besides being late for a team meeting & being inattentive, ESPN 980 was also told by multiple sources that #Redskins LB Rocky McIntosh broke curfew Saturday night in Philly. It was pre-planned, he went so far to make his hotel bed appear as though he was in it/sleeping – by stuffing pillows, etc under the blankets. He was of course found to be guilty — and ‘deactivated’ by Mike Shanahan. There was some argument by the coaching staff for this not to happen, but Shanny made final call.

I know it was New Year’s Eve, but what could possess a player to do this?

Oh wait………….