Plaxico Burress Gives Greatest Interview of All Time..Doesn’t Expect to Be Back with Jets


All things considered, I thought Plax had a good year.

Coming back from two years in prison, I figured he would struggle or get hurt just from being inactive.  But, if anything he came back even more aggressive.

Dare I said, it was a prison like aggression.

He played well enough to probably get a job next year, but probably won’t be with the Jets, check out though what he had to say about his soon to be former team.

Asked about the team’s quarterback, Burress:  “Mark Sanchez is Mark Sanchez.”

How did the season go?  “It went as it went.”

On whether the Jets used Burress to the best of his abilities, Burress said, “They used me the way they wanted to use me.”

OK, last try.  What’s your impression of the Jets locker room?  “The Jets locker room is the Jets locker room.”

And there you have it.




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