Bengals Cheerleader Sarah Jones Accused of Having Sex With Student at School She Teaches


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The Bengals made the playoffs last year and by all accounts the future of the team is heading in the right direction, but has there been any team in the history of the NFL that has had as many odd criminals on their roster?

From Pacman Jones to Cedric Benson it is always something.

This one though might take the cake.  Here is the story.

A Bengals cheerleader was indicted Thursday on two charges of sexual abuse after she allegedly had a sexual relationship with a high school student at the school where she teaches.

As the Cincinnati Enquirer reports, Ben-Gals team captain Sarah Jones has been charged with first-degree sexual abuse and unlawful use of electronic means to induce a minor to engage in sexual or other prohibited acts.

Jones was a teacher at Dixie Heights High School in Edgewood, Ky., where she resigned Nov. 30 after Kenton County police began an investigation. The 26-year-old Jones had been a freshman English teacher for the past five years.

This isn’t Sarah Jones’ only battle with the law. As the Enquirer writes, “Sarah Jones gained national attention in 2009 when she sued online gossip site and its operator, Nik Richie, after unflattering pictures of her appeared with allegations that she’d had sex with Bengals players and had two sexually transmitted diseases. The photos and comments had been provided anonymously.”

Who is the kid?

Because I want to give him a dap and man hug.

My brother, I am not mad at you at all.  Pulling a 26 year old NFL Cheerleader while in High School is Parker Lewis worthy.  Kid is going to be a monster on a college campus.

Wonder did they ever charge that nurse who was dating Q when he was in High School in the movie “JUICE”?

Here is a video going in detail about the case.

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  • This is crazy. When a high school kid nails a chick like this, it doesn’t “damage him” … if anything, it makes him more confident. Male teachers doing high school girls is another story. But the high school dude … he’s beating his chest right about now.

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