Republican Brad Miller Says He Would Root for Taliban to Beat Duke


People at times try to get too creative in their analogies and end up saying stupid things like Republican Brad Miller.

I understand what he is saying and it isn’t anything to cause an uproar, it is just dumb.  I root against Duke (the only team I openly root against), but the Taliban?

Come on now.

“I make no pretense that I am at all half-hearted in my support for Carolina,” Miller told the AP. “Nobody in North Carolina would trust a politician who claimed to be neutral on a matter as important as college basketball.”

What about cheering for Duke to appease constituents that cheer for the Blue Devils?

“I have said very publicly that if Duke was playing against the Taliban, then I’d have to pull for the Taliban,” said Miller, who announced in January he will not seek reelection after serving since 2003.



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