Seattle OL Jarriel King Arrested for Rape…Weed and Ciroc Heavily Involved

Here is what I don’t understand.

I know these guys watch ESPN, are on Twitter and read blogs. King had to be aware what happened with now 49ers cornerback Perrish Cox.

Cox just caught the break of his life by being found innocent of raping an unconsciousness female, so why King and his buddy would even chance this?

I know this allegedly happened before the verdict, but how stupid can you be?

According to the arrest warrant released Monday, King and Holmes had forcible sex with a 25-year-old woman on Feb. 26 after returning from a nightclub.

Police say the victim was drinking Ciroc liquor and smoking marijuana with King and Holmes at King’s Palmetto Lane home. The three went out to a night club and then came back to the home and continued smoking pot and drinking.

At that point, the 25-year-old victim became dizzy and light headed and laid down on a bed. According to a police report, the victim then felt King and Holmes touching her and trying to take off her pants. She tried to stand up and get the two men to stop, but was unable to walk or stand.

The woman fell back down on the bed where King and Holmes then removed her shirt, pants, underwear and bra. The two men then began to sexually assault the victim, according to the arrest warrant. The victim told police that during the alleged rape, she repeatedly told them to stop, but they did not.

After the assault, the victim passed out. She woke up around 8:30 a.m. and went downstairs. One of the suspects, who was awake, gave her a ride home.

I am not saying King is guilty of rape, what I am saying is he is guilty of being an idiot. You just have to be smarter, having sex isn’t worth losing your freedom over.

While I know some women don’t like to hear this, I am going to repeat it anyway. While no one woman deserves to be be violated in any way, please ladies be aware of surroundings and the amount of alcohol and drugs you are taking.

The whole situation is just bad for all parties.