Shelly Miller Beats His Daughter’s Basketball Coach into Unconsciousness (Mugshot)

I have a daughter who is 8 and she is fairly athletic. She seems to be trending more toward the cheerleader life (sighs) than the athlete life, but if she decides to play soccer, basketball or whatever I will definitely be an active parent.

I will be cheering and probably in the coaches’ ear more than they like, but I could never see myself getting angry enough to do this……

Shelly Miller, 37, reportedly attacked one of his daughter’s basketball coaches earlier this month for making her and her teammates run laps, according to WSBT.

Miller allegedly punched the coach several times before the victim lost consciousness, according to the report. The father attacked the coach after finding out that he made his daughter, as well as other players, run laps for talking back to him. He reportedly went to the school (St. Stanislaus in Michigan City) “five times” to talk to the coach, but a physical confrontation was apparently needed to get his message across.

“Yeah, he hit a coach. [So what?],” family member Wynter Goodwin told WSBT News on Thursday. She then followed that statement with several expletives and charges of racism.

There is obviously more to the story, doesn’t seem like it was an isolate incident, but no matter what the problem is, you can’t resort to physical violence.

Go talk to the Principle, school board, counselor or someone.  Beating a man to he is unconscious isn’t going to help anyone, especially Mr. Miller’s daughter.

3 thoughts on “Shelly Miller Beats His Daughter’s Basketball Coach into Unconsciousness (Mugshot)

  • Shelly Miller is a sick man and his friends defending him are sadly clueless to the realities of a civilized society. To think that beating and unconscious man almost to death is how you handle a school coaching disagreement is crazy. I hope Miller goes to jail, gets anger management treatment and a few thousand hours of community service. I don’t care what the coach did or didn’t do, there is no excuse for Millers actions nor are there any public claims of a valid reason. Miller should have pulled his daughter from the team and switched schools instead of this unhappy ending.

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