Tiger Woods Wins For First Time Since 2009, Is He Back? Only Time Will Tell

The immediate reaction to Tiger Woods’ win at Bay Hill.


In a society where we have Linsanity, Tebow Time and Skip Bayless, I understand the reaction. Fans in general will hop on and off the bandwagon depending on what  is hot at the time.

The same fans and media who brought him down for cheating are now ready to ride that Tiger train again (poor choice of words). It is understandable, this happens all the time.

From Kobe Bryant to Bathroom Ben Roethlisberger, everyone like a good comeback story. Personally, I hold Tiger Woods to the same standards to the ones he had pre Elin busting out his windows with a 9 Iron and sex therapy.

Tiger said he wants to be judged on majors, so before I am ready to hand him his title back of baddest golfer on the planet, lets see what happens in the Majors in 2012.

Hopefully this is a springboard for him and not an aberration, but only time will tell.