Boyfriend Rob Finds 27 Year Old Girlfriend Sexting MLB Manger Terry Francona (Photos)


I have a story tell, so come around the BSO campfire and take a listen.

Rob (not me) has a girlfriend and one day Rob was snooping around his lady’s email and found this….

That is former Red Sox manager Terry Francona in his best pimp pose rocking a towel. Rob understandably was upset and ran to computer and sent the info over to Deadspin.

Looks like Terry francona is not too smart. Sending this picture to my 27 year old girlfriend isn’t a smart move. Big job like his, he seems to trust a lot of people. Not sure how this picture would turn any girl on but good luck to him and his 53 year body.

Rob even wrote Francona an email back saying leave his girlfriend alone.

Hey Terry,

I was wondering why you would be flirting with my girlfriend, who is over 20 years younger than you, by sending pictures of yourself half-naked in a towel? Isn’t one of your own children the same age as my girlfriend?

Next time you decide to do this, make sure the girl doesnt have a boyfriend. You would think that you would be more careful since you work for ESPN. I hope more girls come out saying you sent them the same stuff. You could be the next Tiger Woods. Scumbag.

Deadspin ran the story with all the funny details (it is a fascinating read) but……………

Rob did a little more digging and found this.

So it looks like i found a picture she sent him first at 607pm on the 25th which is why he sent her a pic.

Lesson to be learned here, don’t go looking for something unless you want to find something.

Good luck with your relationship Rob.


  1. That was something he needed to know about the character of soon to be ex-“thank goodness she can’t get half” girlfriend.

  2. If your woman wants to flirt with other guys there’s not a damn thing you can use going after the other guy (lesson I learned myself)…….best thing to do is cut her loose & move on

  3. LB is right: “Cut loose, move on”! Also, BSO is right: “don’t go looking for something unless you want to find something”!

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