JR Smith Having “Financial Issues”, Father Pushing For Him to Stay with Knicks

JR Smith has made over $25 million in the NBA and that is not counting the $3 million he made over in China to start riots and shoot 3s.

What type of financial issues could he be having?

According to his dad they are serious enough that they only thing he will care about this offseason is “Straight Cash Homie”.

ESPN is reporting Smith’s father is pushing him to stay in New York because Smith has some serious financial issues, reports ESPNNewYork.com (via IamaGM).

A source told ESPN New York that Smith’s father, Earl, is going to make a strong case for his son to stay in New York, but “it’s very clear that the money is the biggest factor with him.

In fact, when Smith chose the Knicks over the Clippers in mid-February after coming back from China, a source said the Knicks’ higher offer ($2.443 million to the Clippers’ $1.4 million veteran’s minimum) was the deciding factor because he was financially broke. Therefore, Smith will likely opt out and ask for the 20 percent raise. At that point, the ball will be in the Knicks’ court to re-sign Smith, who’s already said publicly that he wants to return next season.

Smith wouldn’t be the first or last NBA player to go where the money is larger. It isn’t like the Knicks are a dynasty or on the cusp of a Championship.

If he is hurting cash look for JR Smith to do what he has always done, think about himself first.

Frankly, there is nothing wrong with that.

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