Rihanna Denies Dating Raiders Darren McFadden

I bet you Raiders fan wouldn’t mind RiRi dating McFadden if that meant he would stay healthy for an entire year. Alas he might have smashed (good for him), but Rihanna says there is no romance.

Rihanna is adamant … she’s NOT dating Raiders running back Darren McFadden — despite reports the two were spotted making out in Hawaii a couple weeks ago.

Sources close to Rihanna tell us, the singer did meet Darren last month in Honolulu — while she was promoting her new film “Battleship” — but they kept things strictly platonic.

We’re told Darren — who was WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND — introduced himself to Rihanna as a fan … and Rihanna bought Darren and his GF drinks on the beach. That’s it.

Like him having a girlfriend really matters, she is lucky McFadden didn’t Sam Shields her.  Surprised Rihanna didn’t make out with McFadden’s girlfriend too.

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