2 Chainz Appears on ESPN’s 1st Take, Further Shrinking Gap Between Sports & Entertainment

Robert Littal on Twitter a couple of months back.

“Jalen Rose exposed Skip Bayless, show will never be the same I predict 2 Chainz will be on soon”

Yes, that was my statement, people thought I was joking, but while I was smiling, I was also dead serious and my prediction has come true.

First thing I want to be clear is I have nothing against 2 Chainz, he is trying to sell records and getting an ESPN spotlight is a great way to reach out to a new audience.  Also, he is a very bright guy and former college basketball player, so don’t let appearances fool you.  He will be fine and better than Wale or Lil Wayne.

But, what you need to understand is no matter what ESPN says, it is clearly taking its cues from blogs and social media.  In those forums just speaking on sports like they are supposed to isn’t enough.

They want to be “cool”, but like a lot of people who want to be “cool” they try to hard and end up looking foolish.

People want ESPN to be a news source, we don’t expect them to comment on D Wade’s pants or try to recite 2 Chainz lyrics.  Give us the news and the fans will entertain themselves.

Gives us great sports documentaries and go investigate something for once like Yahoo Sports.

It is like your grandfather telling you he is “Riding around getting it”.  That’s nice grandpa, but we aren’t buying it.   If it isn’t natural, people will see right through it.

You can’t fake being Charles Barkley that is the way he really is.  You can’t force funny, interesting, innovating and cool.

Because of Skip Bayless’ ego ESPN has overplayed its hand and because of that 1st Take is about to crap out.

One thought on “2 Chainz Appears on ESPN’s 1st Take, Further Shrinking Gap Between Sports & Entertainment

  • I saw that segment….I don’t this dude from a can a paint and in my opinion he didn’t add any value on the show. At least he got to hype his upcoming new CD that will be in stores soon.

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