ESPN Deletes Skip Bayless Tweet Saying He Wouldn’t Draft White Basketball Players

I don’t care what Skip Bayless says.

His opinion has no relevancy to me, so when people started to go crazy over his Tweet about not drafting white basketball players in the 1st round of the NBA Draft I just shrugged.

It is something Skip has said for awhile and as I said before his opinion on Basketball is suspect at best, so I don’t really care.

What I do care about is ESPN deleting Tweets.

If you are going to shoved Bayless down our throat, don’t get scared and delete the Tweet when he says something dumb. You want those ratings, you want him trending, but when he says something bad about white athletes you delete the Tweet?

When he was calling Chris Bosh, Bosh Spice where was ESPN to tell him to stop that?

Once again the hypocrisy of ESPN is shining through, but are you surprised? You shouldn’t be.


2 thoughts on “ESPN Deletes Skip Bayless Tweet Saying He Wouldn’t Draft White Basketball Players

  • They’ll tolerate Skip’s wild banter and crazy opinions all day long–but once race is brought into any picture, his plug has to be pulled. Everyone, sports fans and media alike, should know this by now.

    • He has usually been fairly careful when dealing with racial issues. With this particular tweet, not so much. I heard him when he and Stephen A. Smith were discussing the recent history of U.S. born white NBA players on “ESPN First Take”. He did not go quite as far as he did in the tweet but he did express some concern. Besides, he is not the first sports media person that I have heard talk about how Meyers Leonard would be viewed if he were black of European.

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