JR Smith to Resign With Knicks 2 Years $5.6 Million

The market wasn’t very strong for JR Smith.

He wasn’t going to get the money he wanted and felt it would be best to resign with the Knicks, so at least he would be relevant.

These guys love the attention that playing for a big market affords them. From a basketball perspective, I don’t think it helps or hurts the Knicks. You know what you are getting with JR and if they can deal with it more power to them.

It is funny that an established NBA player only gets $5.6 million and someone like Jeremy Lin who had a good month is getting almost $30 million.  All about timing and marketing.

Good news for JR, he still can lay claim to smashing Joe Budden’s ex girlfriend, possibly getting with Rihanna and causing an international incident in China.


2 thoughts on “JR Smith to Resign With Knicks 2 Years $5.6 Million

  • If JR didn’t act a damn fool off court (and didn’t make so many foolish plays on court) he could pull a heluva lot more than JLin. Don’t go spouting that “established NBA player” nonsense. This guy’s gotta learn how to act in general and how to play more consistently. Behind the head dunks alone won’t get you a fat NBA contract, JR “Swish”.

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