Ray Allen’s Dislike of Rajon Rondo Significant Reason Why He Signed With Heat


We reported a few months ago that Allen and Rondo had beef, at the time people brushed it aside as just hearsay, but it seems it was more than that.

While Jesus was saying all the right things in regard to coming to the Heat it seems he took less money to get away from Rondo.

Heat Fan believe now they have a Big 4, but they need to settle down a bit. While a healthy Ray Allen is better than Mike Miller or James Jones, he is no longer an elite player. He is a very good vet that will improve the Heat and increase their chances of winning another title, but he doesn’t guarantee it.


  1. Allen to the Heat basically guarantees another ring for the Heatles. With the attention that James and Wade will generate , that leaves Ray open for 3’s all day.

  2. Robert Littal you damn lie. Stop starting shit between Rondo and Ray. That is totally false. Thats just here say shit with your messy azz. Bitch azz move to pull

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