Steve McNair Was Murdered 3 Years Ago Today, But So Many Questions Remain


I will never forget the day for a couple of reasons.

The first being it was my best friend’s wedding and I was the best man. Secondly, before the ceremony I got a text from someone in Nashville saying….

“Rob, no one knows this but Steve McNair has been shot and killed.”

The source was someone who worked with the Nashville PD, so I knew it was unlikely they were making it up. In 2009 internet on smart phones was iffy at best, but as I frantically searched for confirmation on my phone in a back room I had a decision to make.

Run the story or wait until after the wedding. I found one small news source that was reporting the death and with that I wrote the story of Steve McNair’s death on my phone published it and proceeded to go through with the wedding ceremony hoping that I had done the right thing.

Things were different back then.

Social media hadn’t blown up yet, it was on the cusp of blowing up, but you didn’t break news from Twitter back then.

Once the wedding was over I looked on my phone and I had several emails and texts wondering how something like this could happen.

Three years ago I had the same question, today I think we should have seen something like this coming. A few days after McNair’s death I rounded up all of my sources and put together what I thought really happened to McNair.

Who Really Murdered Steve McNair?

In the end the police ruled it a murder/suicide and placed all the blame on McNair’s mistress. I never believed that and I still don’t.

Too many questions were left unanswered and some very shoddy police work by the Nashville PD in my mind has a killer or killers still roaming free on the streets.

I thought McNair’s death would smarten up some athletes about the women they were dealing with, but it really hasn’t and it makes you wonder will be the next McNair?

McNair was a warrior on the field but in the end it was his off the field decisions that caused him not to be with us today.

That is why even though July 4th is a day of celebration, makes me little sad each year.

RIP Air McNair