Twodel @PersianBarbie Allegedly Lost Phone Shows Athletes Thirst in DMs (Photos)

You see the young lady above?

She goes by the name of Persian Barbie (1st red flag). She is what we like to call a TWODEL (Twitter Model), a woman who uses Twitter to help promote groupie like activity.

Twodels do things for attention such as Tweet photos of them face timing with Drake (possibly photoshopped).

Normal woman don’t do this only insecure women who are dying to get attention on Twitter do things like this (red flag #2).

So, it shouldn’t be surprised that when her phone was allegedly lost at Walmart that a score of DMs were release to Twitter.

A couple of ball players (I see you Macho Harris and Ed Davis, hope you smashed), some rappers, club promoters and Twitter celebrities all throwing game at Ms. Barbie. Amazingly even though someone stole her phone and decided to expose all these guys, they didn’t think about possibly changing her Twitter password to lock her out (Red Flag #3).

You would think hackers and thieves would be a little smarter.  Then again if you had celebrities and entertainers in your phone wouldn’t you have a lock on it yourself?

Ms. Barbie can’t believe this has happened to her and therefore has locked her Twitter account, but with the power of the search tab when can see her state of mind.

Now to be fair Ms. Barbie hasn’t done anything wrong. She didn’t force these guys to DM her with Drakish style game. So I will not call her a ho or a slut.

She is just like a free agent reviewing her options looking for a Max Contract.

And she ever post pics of how people think she has the highest moral standard (Red Flag #4)


Twodels are always IN THE AIR and like to post pictures of their plane tickets of whatever athlete and entertainer is flying them around to make the other Twodels jealous.

As for my brothers, before you send that DM just think to yourself….

“Is this the type of woman who might end up on MediaTakeOut?”

If so walk away from the keyboard.

Oh you guys might want to read this…………

The 10 Commandments For the Cheating Man

One last thing this was also found on the phone, which might be the reason for such dehydration in the DMs.

On the bright side no matter how many times this happens there will still be guys putting on their cape ready to Kal-El for a woman.


I have been informed that the allegeded Drake facetime pic is indeed a fake.

She used a clip from his Ustream from 2010, you can watch that clip here.  So, Ms. Barbie credibility is a little shaky right now.

2 thoughts on “Twodel @PersianBarbie Allegedly Lost Phone Shows Athletes Thirst in DMs (Photos)

  • It’s a shame that we put these hoes on these mile high pedestals while their happily getting power rammed up the ass. Their millionaire and billionaire boyfriend treat them like dog sh*t on a sidewalk and they run back to them every time.

  • Great post! Rob, my man, you put in a little research for this post…digging 2010 ustream videos up, dm’s and etc. You go hard at them groupies.

    Keep up the good work.

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