Alex Rodriguez Selling Miami Mansion for $38 Million (Photos)


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I am going to try to get 38,000 of my closest friends together to put a bid down on the mansion.

It could be our get away crib.

A-Rod bought the super modern crib back in 2010 — while it was still under construction — for a reported $24 mil. But now he’s looking to sell off the 20,000-square-foot pad and make a cool profit at the same time.

The 9-bedroom, 11-bath beachfront estate is freaking AMAZING if you’ve got the cash. It offers 275 ft. of water frontage, a home theater, a heated pool, gym, rooftop deck, an elevator AND a 3,000 square-foot sports room complete with a batting cage.

2 thoughts on “Alex Rodriguez Selling Miami Mansion for $38 Million (Photos)

  • Maannnnn THAT Crib is COLD AF Though (WORD!!!)

    The REAL A-Rod was Doing BIG THING (With This CRIB…)

  • There will not be any mixed reaction when Alex whips the crap out of Selig and the owners, in court, if necessary, for their greedy, unfair, monopolistic, whimsical, 211 game “punishment” (4X that of anyone else), while not ever testing positive on any drug test. Writers can confuse the issue and hold up MLB all they want, but, ultimately, this witch hunt is about greed and money! I hope MLB loses its anti-trust exemption and has to conform to the laws of the land like any other corporation.

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