Chaz Schilens Feels Slighted That Antonio Cromartie Said He’s 2nd Best WR on Jets

Schilens should feel slighted.

Cromartie just called the Jets receiving core garbage.  Cromartie isn’t Deion Sanders, so to say he is better than full time NFL wide receivers was a slap in the face.

Antonio Cromartie proclaimed himself the Jets’ second-best wide receiver Tuesday, and Chaz Schilens isn’t happy about it.

Schilens said he felt slighted. “I think most of the guys did,” he said.

“I’ll let him think whatever he wants,” Schilens added. “I think he thinks receiver is a little different from what it actually is. He’s unbelievably talented and he plays cornerback.”

Cromartie told ESPN Tuesday, “I think, for me, I can run every single route in the route tree. I’m not going to take anything away from my ability, so when you ask me that question, I’m going to say, yes, I believe I’m one of the best receivers on the football team, next to Santonio Holmes.”

Rex Ryan like he normally does, says he will take care of any beef inside the locker room.

I stand by my statement that either the Jets are going to be really good this year or they are going to flame out in spectacular fashion.