Former WR Turned Drug Dealer Sam Hurd’s Co-Defendant Turns State’s Evidence


The same thing happened to Michael Vick.

All the Co-Defendents took plea deals, turned state evidence to the point that Vick who initially say he was innocent had no choice but to plead guilty and end up with the longest prison sentence.

Sam Hurd’s case much more serious than dog fighting and the fact that his bail was just revoke for trying to buy weed and coke isn’t helping his chances of beating the charges.

Now, his co-defendant has been flipped by the FEDs.

A Dallas man charged along with former NFL player Sam Hurdpleaded guilty Friday to attempting to buy several kilograms of cocaine with Hurd’s money in hopes of establishing a large-scale drug distribution network.

Toby Lujan pleaded guilty to one count of possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine. His plea deal calls for a prison sentence of 5 to 40 years. It also requires him to testify if asked by prosecutors.

Lujan signed court documents saying he told a law enforcement informant in December about a potential drug buyer named “Sam” who played for the Chicago Bears. Lujan gave the informant Hurd’s phone number so the two could discuss prices and quantities of cocaine.

If I am Hurd’s lawyers I don’t want this to go to trial. Unless Marsha Clark is the prosecuting attorney they have little chance of winning the case.


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