Chad Johnson Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges for Head Butting Evelyn Lozada

Chad Johnson has never been arrested before or had any run ins with the law. It is one of the reasons I never liked when he was grouped in with other WRs who have been arrested, because I didn’t think it was fair.

Unfortunately for Chad his “reality show” life has now taken an ugly turn as he has been arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence on his wife Evelyn Lozada the star of VH1’s reality show Basketball Wives.

Johnson and his wife went to a restaurant for dinner, Engle said. They returned home and she found a receipt for a box of condoms, a police spokesman said.

An argument ensued, Engle said.

“It gets pretty heated,” Engle said. “By the time they get home here in Davie it’s pretty heated. She alleges he leaned over and head butted her. He says she leaned towards him and that they butted heads. Needless to say she has a good laceration on her forehead.”

When cops came on the scene Lozada, a star in VH1’s Basketball Wives reality series, had lacerations on her forehead, and Johnson was arrested.

A source says it isn’t unusual for Chad and Evelyn to get into heated arguments. This one started off the same, but escalated to the point the police were called.  As you can imagine any husband/wife would be upset at the thought of his wife cheating, but that isn’t excuse for physical violence.

At this time we don’t know whose story is true.  Was it an accident or did Chad truly intend to hurt her with a headbutt.  Until the police report is released we simply won’t know, so don’t jump to conclusion.

Awful timing for Chad since his spot on the Dolphins is not guaranteed.

It appears he will be released on bond on Sunday.

Here is the mugshot.

20 thoughts on “Chad Johnson Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges for Head Butting Evelyn Lozada

  • Another NFL player bites the dust behind a woman.

    Don’t do it (marry) until after you are out of the game and make sure she has no idea you were even famous at one time. That way you’ll know she likes you, for YOU….


  • “Reciept for condoms”…what a rookie mistake by an OG player like Chad….but if he still wants to play then he shouldn’t have gotten married

  • He was the one cheating! Read it again – she got mad finding the receipt not he got mad.

  • When you hook up with professional groupies and gold diggers, bad things follow. Eve has a a laceration to the head a long time coming.

  • Can you say Media Whore!

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