Texans Justin Forsett Cost His Wife Spot in Olympics By Getting Her Pregnant

The good news at least it was his wife and not a Twodel.

That would have been unfortunate.

Forsett signed with the Texans after a four-year stint in Seattle, and his wife Angela’s pregnancy caused her to step away from the United States womens volleyball team, which will play in the Olympic semifinals today against South Korea.

Suffice it to say their decision to start a family was unexpected, since she was a month into training camp, having made it through a number of roster cuts already.

“She was on the team and doing really well,” Justin said sheepishly to Dale Robertson of the Houston Chronicle. “Until I messed it up.”

Forsett’s wife is the daughter of former NBA player Paul Pressey, so there is a good chance that their little one will grow up to be a pretty decent athlete.