Urban League Criticizes Nike for $315 Lebron X Shoes

Listen, if people want to spend $300+ on some sneakers that is on them not Nike. Nike is making $300+ shoes because they know people are going to buy them.

I don’t tell people what to do with their money, my only hope is that all your bills are paid before you start to splurge. If you comfortable in your finances and want to buy the Brons, more power to you, if you like it I love it.  I just wouldn’t want someone lights being cut off or kid not being fed because you wanted to floss on the corner with your Brons.

I think that is reasonable and yes I know there is a $180 version of the shoe, but the message is still the same.  You can buy what you want, just hopefully it isn’t at the risk of your daily needs.

I do agree with the Urban League though about the violence over the release of sneakers. People getting shot and stabbed over shoes still amazes me. It isn’t that serious.

The civil rights organization has slammed Nike for charging so much for the shoe and is encouraging parents not to spend their money on an “empty status symbol.” The group’s president Marc Morial has asked Nike to scrap its plans to release the show altogether:

“I ask Nike – and the parents whose children are targeted in this misdirected campaign – to join us in our efforts to empower young people to value their own talents – athletic and otherwise – above material tokens and work together for broader access to the economic mainstream.”

The urban league released a statement earlier today, where Morial describes the LeBron James sneaker as representing “twisted priorities and confused values.”

Parents should let their kids know that their value isn’t defined by a shoe or a pair of jeans, but once again all Nike can do it put the price tag on, if no one buys them the price well go down.

If you are breaking into Foot Locker to get them, the price is going to go up.

If it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense.

5 thoughts on “Urban League Criticizes Nike for $315 Lebron X Shoes

  • But what the Urban League fails to realize is that the target market for these shoes arent the average teenagers; this shoe is exclusively for basketball players who are using the shoe as a tool and if parents buy this shoe for their teenager and he isnt a basketball player (with collegiate aspirations) THATS THEIR FAULT…

    Most expensive/lavish items are empty status symbols. I would venture to ask what type of dress shoes the president of the Urban League wears, what type of vehicle he drives or the neighborhood he lives in.

    Yes we as a NATION (regardless of ethnicity) overspend on things we shouldnt, but that goes from top to bottom, and unless he is rocking payless brand driving a Carolla he, and people that share this same sentiment, need to have a seat…

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