Video: HBO Hard Knocks Miami Dolphins Episode 1

My quick thoughts on the first episode of Hard Knocks were that I really like Coach Philbin. Doesn’t mean that he is going to be a successful coach, but he seems like an upfront and honest coach. No mind games.

Plus he dropped a Seinfeld reference  in the episode, so he is cool with me.

Chad was being Chad, you can’t pretend to have that type of personality either you have it or you don’t. Talk once again doesn’t mean he will be productive, but he gives a boost to the show.

They made Tannehill seems like he was Dan Marino, we will see if he can back it up when the real games start. Also still don’t see the why there is such fuss over his wife, she is pretty, but nothing to rob a bank over.

There is a Tebow reference, because no one can go an hour without talking about Tebow.


Sorry guys NFL has taken down the video.

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