Bart Scott is Mad at the Media…Again…Jets Overreactions are in Overdrive


It was a good win for the Jets against a bad team at home. Mark Sanchez is the one who should be doing all the talking, because he is the one who has had to deal with all this Tebow craziness and still went out and performed like a quarterback who has been to the AFC Championship two out of his first three years in the league.

But, it was Scott who went off on the media, for giving the attention to the Jets they are always begging for.

“You guys treat us like we’re a (bleeping) joke,” Scott said, via USA Today. “You all want us to feed your papers, but then you all talk (bleep) about us. So why would I want to give you all quotes to sell papers with if you all treat us like (bleep)? That doesn’t make sense.

“You all talk stuff about us, and then when we win, you flip the story. You all win either way.”

Settle down Bart do all that that woofing after Game 16, not 1.  Good start for the Tebows though.