Lebron James Say Agent Switch Does Not Mean Return To Cleveland

In the Midst of the replacement refs and the drama surrounding the Presidential Election, Lebron James quietly switched agents.

James left super power Creative Arts Agency and put his representation in the hands of childhood friend Rich Paul.

As with everything that happens in the sports world, when change occurs, people start to create their own scenario’s.

The scenario of choice has James returning to Cleveland after he opts out of his Heat deal in 2014.

Paul’s agency is based out of Cleveland.  James lives and has an office in Akron, Ohio.  Makes sense right?

king James says not so fast.

James told the Sun-Sentinel, “anyone reading into his switch of agents beyond a reunion with a longtime friend is missing the point.”

 “I don’t think it’s fair to my teammates to even get involved in that.”

“My agent is based in Cleveland, but my office is in Akron now,” James said during a private moment on the Heat’s practice court. “We’re in Akron now, like two miles away from my house. But that has nothing to with basketball. It’s just where those guys reside and my office.”

James wanted to point out that his switch of agencies is not geographically based, but more about giving a friend an opportunity to build his brand.

 “Rich is a guy who’s learned a lot over the last few years with CAA, got some great assistance over there at CAA, but he felt like he was ready to grow and start his own thing,” James said. “He’s been a close friend of mine, so I want to see him grow. So I’m going with him and offering support and want to continue to help him grow.”

When asked about the 2014 out clause, that Bosh and Wade also have in their contracts, James said it hasn’t crossed his mind.

 “I haven’t even thought about it and I probably won’t give it too much thought.”

To be continued.

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  • He really needs to have a conversation with Vince Young about trusting friends and relatives with your MONEY/Career….

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