Richard Hurd Pleads Guilty For Trying to Extort RG3 With Incriminating Photos

The nude photos and videos that Hurd allegedly had never were leaked and probably to get a lesser jail sentence they never will.

According to Pro Football Talk, Hurd has plead guilty to extortion and is looking at a maximum of three years in prison.

Hurd and Griffin were both athletes at Baylor and while they weren’t friends they did know each other (I will tell you how in a minute). Hurd was asking for $1 million for the photos and videos. RG3’s agent went to the Feds who in turn set up Hurd and then arrested him.

Hurd is a pretty stupid criminal, he could have went to TMZ or Mediatakeout, got some money and wouldn’t have to worry about starring in Prison Break right now.

The part that was never reported by mainstream media is that Hurd dated Robert Griffin’s current fiancee Rebecca Liddicoat , so the motive besides money was also revenge to try to break up RG3 and his lady.