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Exclusive Details About The Extortion Plot Against Redskins QB Robert Griffin III

Pro Football Talk has the general outline of what happened when Richard Hurd was arrested for an extortion plot against Redskins Robert Griffin III.

Here are those details and then I will flesh out there story a bit for you.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it was ultimately nothing illegal or scandalous or problematic in any way for Griffin, if the supposedly derogatory information had been released. That said, the specific nature and content of the derogatory information isn’t known yet — and it may never be.

Whatever it is, Richard Hurd allegedly handed it over to a Griffin representative on Friday, because that’s how the authorities caught Hurd.“Hurd communicated that he had derogatory information on a client of B.D., and that he intended to release that information to the media to damage or injure the reputation of B.D.’s client unless the client paid Hurd a substantial sum of money,”

B.D. is Griffin’s agent Ben Dogra.

Blacksportsonline has a source that breaks down specifically what happened.

What Hurd  had against Griffin was private photos and videos of RG3. The type of pics and videos that routinely show op on sites like  MediaTakeOut if you catch my drift.

Hurd contacted Griffin’s agent and demanded $500k or he would release the photos and video to the media. I can confirm that there wasn’t anything illegal on the photos or video. Embarrassing maybe, but harmless in the grand scheme of things.

At the most they would have put a small dent in RG3’s image and been an annoyance for his PR team, but nothing to cause any major damage.

Griffin’s agent played in cool bought himself some time to get the authorities involved. At that time is when the “sting” was set up.

Hurd agree to be paid $100k for all the evidence he had against Griffin and he would sign a non disclosure form. Hurd showed up to get paid and the cops were waiting for him.

According to the source the photos and videos were made before RG3 was on the national radar, so I will cut him some slack, but the overall point should not be forgotten.


Pics, videos, text, calls, voicemails, emails, Tweets, DMs, carrier pigeons and etc can and will be recorded. If Hurd was a smarter hustler he could have made things uncomfortable for RG3, hopefully a lesson has been learned.