49ers Patrick Willis Proposes to Girlfriend Shenae Saifi, Officially Engaged (Photos)



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Congrats to the happy couple.

Patrick decided to take the casual approach in proposing in white tee, shorts and sneakers. I don’t know if it was a surprised, but maybe he just isn’t the romantic type.

Then again I guess it doesn’t matter how the proposal is given as long as she says yes and Shenae did just that.

Like everyone else these days they confirmed their engagement on Instagram and Twitter with a bunch of mushy messages.

The funny thing and maybe it was on purpose, they both put each other wrong Twitter names on the mushy Tweets.

I would advise Patrick Willis before he walks down the aisle like I do all athletes to read this.

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  1. both those tweets look like they were posted via Instagram, so the usernames are probably their instagram handles. it’s a common occurrence when people don’t have the same usernames on twitter & instagram.

  2. another self hating black man. sad not to love the color of your mother, sister, grandma, cousins … the imnage you see in the mirror.
    what happens if your kids are dark like you.
    will you love hem? Will she and her family.

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