Bill Simmons Preferred Jalen Rose over Isiah Thomas For ESPN NBA Countdown

After David Stern made sure Stan Van Gundy didn’t get the gig on the NBA Countdown set, ESPN had a slot to fill.

It appears according to The Big Lead it came down to Jalen Rose and Isiah Thomas.  Bill Simmons who has a lot more power than people realized is the one who allegedly made the final decision.

A source says Bill Simmons favored Rose over the former Pistons point guard. A source said Simmons thought the Isiah-Magic pair might skew old with viewers, and he favored Rose, the former Fab 5 star.

The new countdown show will be hosted by Simmons, Rose, Magic Johnson and Mike Wilbon.

Two out of the four are excellent (Wilbon and Rose), but it will be Simmons and Johnson that will stop the show from really taking off.   The chemistry will never be as good as the TNT show, but they get an A for effort.

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