Cam Newton After Loss to Seahawks: “Cameron Newton Need to Play Better”

And to think you guys thought I was the only one who called him Cameron.

You are hearing the phrase “Sophomore Slump” a lot from the media in regard to Cameron Newton, that is a lazy assessment of what is going on.

The year before Cameron was drafted by the Panthers they were 2-14 and without a doubt the worst team in the NFL. There was also a lot of questions about Cameron when he got into the NFL. Some were justified and others were a little suspect, but nevertheless opinion was split on how he would do.

So, when he came out the gate guns blazing it exceeding all of our expectations. He was breaking rookie records and made the Panthers competitive again.

When you exceed expectations what happens with the media and fans are their expectations at times can become unrealistic.  When you don’t meet those unrealistic expectations they are quick to turn on you.

Before the season started many were picking the Panthers as a sleeper Super Bowl team and Cameron as possible MVP candidate.

They simply overlooked the fact the Panthers defensively aren’t very good, spent a lot of their money on running backs they don’t use and defensive coordinators have had a year to study Cameron’s strengths and weaknesses.

Statistically Cameron’s numbers are close to what they were in 2011. The Panthers started 1-5 in 2011 and they are 1-4 in 2012.

So, the only real difference isn’t the stats, just the expectations.

They were expected to be bad in 2011 and good in 2012. All of the blame shouldn’t be laid at the feet of Cameron Newton, but when you are the franchise quarterback you have to accept the responsibility.

You can’t sulk after losses and refer to yourself in the 3rd person. Part of being a great quarterback is being a great leader in good and bad times.

We will see soon how great Cameron wants to be.

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