Victor Cruz Looking to Cash in on a new Deal

Victor Cruz has become a household name and put his name on the short list of best receivers in the league with his play over the last season and a half.

Through the first seven weeks of this season, Cruz is on pace to finish with more catches and more touchdowns than last season when he set a team record with 1536 receiving yards.

Doing all this, while receiving the third year minimum salary of $540,000.

Cruz has outplayed his current deal and is looking to get a raise, hopefully by season’s end.

Per Newark Star-Ledger: Cruz was quoted as saying, “We would like to get it done before the season’s over.”

We don’t want to drag it along, and have it become something that blocks the team in the offseason, and something that is in the media every day.  We don’t want it to get like that.  We want to just knock it out halfway through the season, or during the season at the very least, and put it behind us.”

I can always understand a NFL player trying to get their money now. In such a violent league, careers can end if a player takes a bad hit.

Cruz is scheduled to be a restricted free agent at season’s end so we’ll see how the Giants handle this situation.