Would You Buy a Pair of Dwyane Wade’s Li-Ning Sneakers? (Photos)

People were shocked that Wade left the Jordan Brand at Nike and went to Li-Ning, I was not.

D Wade  is one of those type of guys who is going to make his own decisions, regardless if it is popular or not.  Just look at the way he dresses.

It is possible he didn’t like the way his brand was being handled at Nike, but whatever the reason just because it had Jordan in front of it, didn’t mean he would stay forever.

Li-Ning backed up the Brinks truck to his house and he took the money.

It is an international brand that is based out of China that brings in an annual revenue of 1.35 Billion dollars. That isn’t close to what Nike brings in, but nothing to sneeze at.

I don’t know how good of a basketball shoe it is to play in, but it does look better than some of the stuff Nike has put out lately.

I am not buying either, I will continue to get my shoes 2 for $99 at Champs.