Donovan McNabb Says The Eagles Are Only Going To Get Worse

In sports its common tradition when a team that has been successful for a long time starts to crumble. the vultures come out to pick away at any remaining chink.

Whether friend or foe, everybody has an opinion about a franchise gone bad.

Such is the case with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jason Babin has taken shots, since being released, pundits around the league want to pile on, and now the final nail in the coffin will be delivered by the guy who was the quarterback the last time this franchise had to rebuild.

Yes you know who I’m talking about, Donovan McNabb himself has finally chimed in.

McNabb was on COMCAST SPORTSNET and gave his opinion on everything Eagles.

McNabb says the Dallas game will be a “nightmare.”

“I think this will be a nightmare game,” the former Eagle said on Thursday’s edition of “Daily News Live.”

“And now, when you’re makeshifting different guys, there’s no chemistry, there’s no continuity, there’s an identity problem with this team,” McNabb said, “and I think it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.”

“You’re playing against [Jay] Ratliff, you’re playing against DeMarcus Ware, you’re playing playing against [Anthony] Spencer,” McNabb said. “You’re playing against guys who are probably chomping at the bit at this particular point watching this offensive line.

“It’s really bad for Nick Foles because this being his first year, and his first couple games getting under his belt, he’s not really able to gain that confidence that he needs.”

Feel free to play the Undertakers music  now.