James Harden Allegedly Paid Model Jenna Shea $20k to “Hang Out” (Photos)

This isn’t the first time Jenna Shea has been in the news with a ball player.  She had some words about Lakers Jordan Hill earlier this year.  The interesting thing about her is while a lot of women keep their ho like activities behind closed doors, Shea doesn’t seem to have a care in the world.  I don’t knock her hustle, I wish Jordin Sparks would pay me $20k to “Hang Out”, I’d be on the next flight out.

A source is claiming that Shea was flown into town on a private jet, which was paid for by Harden. Shea was also allowed to bring some of her closes friends to watch Harden play basketball (during his match-up against the Detroit Pistons). They all were given courtside seats, which Shea tweeted about.

It is the Beard’s money so if he wants to “blessed” the strippers and help the stripper/urban model economy that is on him.

Rumble Young Beard Rumble….but just remember.

6 thoughts on “James Harden Allegedly Paid Model Jenna Shea $20k to “Hang Out” (Photos)

  • Interesting. You don’t knock HER HUSTLE BECAUSE SHE IS A WHITE GIRL!!! Let it be one of the myriad of black or dark-skinned video models doing the SAME EXACT THING and you would be calling her all type of bithces, hoes, females, sluts, tricks and whatever else your racist, self-hating arse could pull out of the bag!!

    Trust, it is not lost on your readers how much you HATE black women who have ANY access to athletes, you certainly use this site to display your DOUBLE STANDARD MENTALITY.

    Didn’t you call the young black sister that was beat and raped by Lawrence Taylor a 16 YEAR OLD HOOKER????

    Of course while worshipping the Kardashians. Pathetic.

  • Why didn’t James invite me? I needed a place to stay.

  • So “model” is the new term for “ho”.

  • He left okc to be able to pay some ugly hoes for private jets. Disrespect

  • wat in the world is wrong with these so called “ballers”???even tho they got money like that….have some damn class and dont give your money to two bit hoes that then will turn around and clown your ass!!!!

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