Jason Kidd Says The Knicks Not Looking to Embarrass Jeremy Lin

Thanks to the Knicks’ 8-1 start and the Rockets’ shiny new backcourt that features James Harden and ex-Knick Jeremy Lin, Friday’s Knicks-Rockets game will probably be the first meeting between the teams to attract any national attention since their classic NBA Finals matchup in 1994.  However, when asked about Friday’s game, veteran Knicks guard Jason Kidd declined to add fuel to the perception held by some that a few current Knicks who played with Lin, mainly Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith, may have been jealous of  the attention that  Jeremy Lin got in New York given some of the comments that were made about the contract that Lin signed with Houston this past offseason.  Here’s what Kidd had to say when asked about the Knicks intentions for Friday’s game via the New York Daily News:

“We’re not looking to embarrass or lock anybody down,” Kidd said. “We’re looking  to win on the road. Whatever we have to do to make it tough for Houston that’s  what we have to do. But individually, you win and lose as a team. There’s no  individual here. We’re an older team so we’re not going to fall into that trap.”

I’m not surprised that a veteran like Jason Kidd gave a good company line when asked about Jeremy Lin, but I also wouldn’t be shocked to see Jeremy Lin get a “love tap” or two when he drives to the basket.  There may not be a real personal beef between any Knicks players and Jeremy Lin, but I have to believe that these Knicks want to show Lin and his supporters just how well the Knicks are doing without him and the Tebow-like media circus that he brought to the Garden.

One thought on “Jason Kidd Says The Knicks Not Looking to Embarrass Jeremy Lin

  • While I will agree there could be jealousy from JR Smith over Lin’s contract I will disagree about Melo being Jealous; I do believe it took Melo off guard the media success of Lin his comments on Lin contract i think was just “Real Talk”. Athletes pay attention to the money people are making and they privately make comments like that all the time. I believe Melo just slipped up and said it publicly, truth of the matter is the contract is ridiculous.

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