NFL Takes Ref’s Game Check for Profanity

Imagine if you had to perform your job in front of a live audience of about 70,000 people while millions more watch you on television, always ready to criticize every decision that you make.  Add in the fact that when you do screw up, all of those people get to see instant replays to confirm just how big of a mistake you made.  Not exactly a low-stress job huh?  Such is life for veteran NFL referee Tony Corrente.  Nevertheless, courtesy of ProFootballtalk, the NFL is not going to pay Corrente for doing his job in last Sunday’s Dolphins-Colts game because Corrente forgot that his mic was on during this part of CBS’s live broadcast of the game:

I know the standard company lines, and the whole “we want families to be able to enjoy broadcast of our games” bit.  I am also aware that networks like CBS pay big money to the NFL for the rights to televise games, so they have some significant clout with the league office when it comes to making sure that profanity stays off of the air.

However, let’s be real people.  The NFL shows plenty of suggestive beer ads during these “family” telecasts.  No pay for a “God d*mn it” when Corrente clearly made an honest mistake?  He didn’t even drop an F-bomb.  Have any of these executives from the league office spent time outside of their suites at NFL stadiums and heard some of the language that fans use in the stands? NFL games are emotional rollercoasters, and even the referees are not immune from hopping on for a ride on the“[email protected]#K it” express from time to time during a game.  The NFL knew that when they gave the refs mics in the first place.  Here’s to Corrente getting his money for an honest day’s work this Sunday.  Mic check 1, 2.




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