Vinny Testaverde Says The NFL Is Overprotective Of Quarterbacks And Receivers

Former NFL quarterback Vinny Testaverde spent over 2 decades in the league, so he has some insight into what’s really going on.

Testaverde was on “Mike and Mike” this morning, and according to Larry Brown Sports, he feels the league has gone overboard in its attempts to protect players.

“I think they’re being a little overprotective,” Testaverde said. “When I came in the league, you could hit a quarterback high, you could hit him low, you could hit him late. Today, you can’t do any of that. So I think they’re just being a little overprotective of the quarterbacks and certainly a little overprotective of the receivers.

“It’s a contact sport. It’s a violent game. You’re gonna have some big hits.”

I digress from leaving a comment, it’s talked about so much.